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Séminaire - Invité : Lalo Salmerón (Espagne) “Don't throw away your printed books: A meta-analysis on the effects of media on reading comprehension”

le 15 janvier 2018

Presentation of a recent meta-analysis aimed to assess what research from 2000 has yielded regarding the effects of text media (paper or digital) on reading comprehension

Invité : Lalo Salmerón, Professeur de psychologie, Département de psychologie du développement et de l’éducation, Université de Valencia (Espagne)


In this talk I will present a recent meta-analysis aimed to assess what research from 2000 has yielded regarding the effects of text media (paper or digital) on reading comprehension. Moderating effects of several substantive, extrinsic and methodological variables were analysed. 54 studies that had assessed 171,138 participants were included in the analyses. Separate analyses were performed for studies with between-participants (n=38) and within-participants designs (n=16). Results revealed that both datasets yielded a significant effect of media on reading comprehension (Hedge’s g = -.21; dc = .21), indicating a small advantage of paper-based over digital-based reading. Moderation analyses showed that media differences depend on the allowed reading time frame, texts genre, and publication date, with increasing negative impact of digital-based reading when researchers imposed time constraints, when participants read informational texts (or a mix of informational and narrative texts), and over the years. Two variables, the digital device (computer vs hand-held) and the need for scrolling in digital-based texts, yielded relevant moderation patterns, although they were not significant. The remaining variables (i.e., educational level, text genre or length, type of comprehension assessed, the option to revise the text to answer the questions, sample size, type of reading test, group allocation, and publishing status) did not exert any influence on reading media differences. Theoretical and educational implications will be discussed in light of these findings.

Organisé en partenariat avec le laboratoire CLLE

Contact :
Franck Amadieu (UT2J, CLLE)
Lieu(x) :
Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès
Maison de la Recherche, salle E412
5 allée Antonio Machado
31 Toulouse



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