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[ANNULATION] Séance supplémentaire SRM - Dimension spatiale du capital social

le 18 juin 2018




Nous vous annonçons la tenue d'une séance supplémentaire du séminaire Savoirs, Réseaux, Médiation.

Celle-ci aura lieu le lundi 18 juin 2018, de 14h à 16h en salle F315 de la Maison de la Recherche.

Nous aurons le plaisir d'y écouter Zong-Rong Lee (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) qui nous parlera de la dimension spatiale du capital social :

The Strength of Distant Ties: A Structural Analysis of Spatial Dimension of Social Capital

Space is a fundamental determinant of social behaviors, yet its relevance to the idea of social capital has relatively unattended. Anecdotal empirical findings have shown peculiar geographic distributions of social networks between people of different social status. Theoretical explanations of such phenomenon have yet to be fully expounded. By drawing on the literature of structural analysis, this study develops a framework in accounting for the spatial dimension of social capital. The framework is verified with a computational simulation and the empirical analysis on the Social Capital Survey data conducted in the year of 2007, with sample of 1443 respondents in the US. The survey measures social capital with the position-generator methodology. Empirical evidences show that respondents of a higher level of social status are more likely to have valuable social networks that are at greater geographic distance, whereas lower status individuals tend to be spatially bounded with disadvantageous contacts of their own kinds. This study further examines the instrumental impact of such spatially conditioned network resources, and provides a logistic regression analysis on the acquisition of job information to test against four hypotheses deliberated from the literature. The analyses show that the effect of social capital is associated with spatial extensity: distant network resources deliver greater benefits than closer ones in the receipt of routine job information, and the beneficial effect of distant ties is stronger for individuals with lower social status. Findings from this study are compatible with social capital and the weak-tie arguments, and suggest that space may be a fundamental and yet overlooked dimension in the current literature of social capital.

Lieu(x) :
Maison de la Recherche, salle F315



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