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Séminaire SRM/UTM - N.Basov

Publié le 6 novembre 2023 Mis à jour le 9 novembre 2023
le 19 janvier 2024
University of Toulouse - Jean Jaurès, Olympes de Gouges, GS 122
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Socio-Cultural Patterning of the European Intellectual Landscape

Dynamics of thought are driven not only by relations between ideas, but also by networks of social ties between people creating the ideas. While this is now a consensus in social science, we still know little about the micro mechanisms of how interplaying social ties and ideas constitute each other to bring about macro scale socio-cultural landscapes. Even less is known about the variations of these mechanisms across different areas in these landscapes.

As a result, there is insufficient understanding of the origins of discrepancies between different worldviews and values at large.

Nikita Basov's project develops and applies cutting-edge network analysis methods to unveil and compare socio-cultural mechanisms across French-, German-, English-, and Russian-speaking intellectual communities in the 19th-20th century Europe. By doing so, she hopes we can not only understand how intellectual communities (co)evolve, but also shed some light on the roots of the social and cultural collisions of the present.

Speaker :

  • Nikita Basov, maître de conférences en analyse des réseaux à l'Université de Manchester