SMS has created a master’s program network comprising 11 master’s degrees in history, geography, sociology, political science, information technology and sports science. The network awards an additional certificate to students enrolled in one of the partner master’s and in the six additional classes chosen from those of other master’s programmes or in specific courses organized by SMS. The network began operating in 2014 with support from the Idex. Twenty-seven students enrolled that year. 

During meetings with these students in October and January, they expressed their satisfaction with the network despite some of the usual hurdles involved in implementing an ambitious programme (such as incompatibility of some course schedules, programmes starting at different dates). The network enables these students to strengthen their research skills and opens up their horizons beyond their one original discipline.

The network development meetings were an opportunity for the heads of the various master’s programmes to discover the operations and the thematic orientations of other master’s programs, which revealed complementarities between them which had previously been misunderstood. We preferred to create a network rather than a new master’s degree because it seemed more effective for creating a multidisciplinary community, which has proved to be the case.