Networks and ICT

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Research Group 1, “Networks and ICT” (coordinators Emmanuel Eveno, and Michel Grossetti) plans for a series of field studies on the use of current communication methods in establishing and maintaining social relationships, and on the potential changes in personal networks. Several studies have been undertaken, particularly the development of two applications for tracking the most frequent phone calls on mobile phones and smartphones. Following up with "the Caen panel" (a longitudinal survey on personal networks conducted by colleagues from Caen and Aix-en-Provence since 1995) is scheduled for 2015. For this study, we are working with the Laboratoire d’économie et de sociologie du travail [Research centre on the Economics and sociology of work] in Aix-en-Provence, whose Director of Research is participating in the study. A literature review of the most recent work on this subject has been done and was published in the journal Réseaux [Networks].

Yet, the main survey was conducted in collaboration with teachers in Economics and Social Sciences in the Toulouse school district. 1,346 students sent 2,462 questionnaires to young people from age 15 to 25, of which 2,261 forms can be used (respondents cited 6,001 personal relationships). Among other things, this survey shows the importance of social media (77% of the people mentioned by respondents are "friends" with them in online media, mainly Facebook), but also their very generational nature (the proportion is only 25% for relations with parents). The survey also contained a question about "people with whom I can talk about important things" that enables comparisons with various international surveys using the same question. Preliminary comparisons with US data seem to confirm that French young people are less frequently isolated (no one cited).