Social Networks

Workshop 3, "Social Networks" (coordinators Grossetti Michel, Corinne Bonnet, Ainhoa ​​de Federico and Frédéric Amblard) is the continuation of a group of Toulouse researchers working on social networks in various disciplines (sociologists, historians, geographers, economists, management science specialists, mathematicians and computer scientists). This group served as one of the original bases for the SMS project.

This workshop deals with the traditional approaches to social network analysis (personal networks, complete networks) using the latest models and software, as well as innovative approaches specifically developed by the workshops’ researchers: combined methods for analyzing the chains of  relationships mobilized, methods for analyzing scholarly networks from interviews about citations, and multi-agent models applied to the analysis of social networks.

The workshop organized a conference on Social Networks in September 2012 and another is scheduled for September 2015. Moreover, several introductory training courses in social network analysis have been organized every year, as well as workshops on methods and software (Egonet, Venmaker PLACES, Visone, Pajek, R). The workshop also organized numerous one-day seminars. As a result of the workshop’s activities, SMS researchers have been introduced to and familiarised themselves with the analysis of social networks and doctoral students, both local and foreign, have been trained in this same approach. Thematic and disciplinary comparisons have been enriched as a result. Finally, this workshop also helps scholars keep up to date with the latest methodological innovations.