Academic magazine Mondes Sociaux

  SMS created the online academic magazine Mondes Sociaux [Social Worlds] (headed by Robert Boure,, which began in June 2013. The purpose of this magazine is to make available to the general public the knowledge produced by SMS researchers in particular and in the social sciences in general. It takes the form of texts illustrated with drawings (some of the original drawings are done by one of our researchers, Patrick Mignard), photos, and sometimes videos and sound recordings. It is hosted by the website

It consists of five sections: "Publication," which summarizes and attractively presents research that has already been published in academic journals; "Researcher" is a synthesis of the work of a SMS scholar; "Forum" is an analysis by SMS researchers on a question debated within the scholarly community or the general public; "Two or three things about" is a review article on a research topic in the social sciences;  “SMS Friends” presents studies done by researchers outside the SMS but that relate to our own research themes.