New Forms of Aging

 Research Group 5, "New Forms of Aging" (coordinators Michel Grossetti, Anita Meidani, and Alice Rouyer) is a longitudinal study of people over 60 that analyses their lifestyles, their relationship to aging, and their personal networks. After various workshops with specialists which enabled us to refine the method, a first wave of the study was done using a method that combines lengthy questionnaires with more qualitative and recorded parts. This survey was conducted March-July 2014 with 470 people of the greater Toulouse area and from small rural towns of the Hautes Pyrénées and Aveyron departments. The data is rich and complex and is being processed. As for respondents’ networks, they cited an average of 15 connections (from 1 to 50), and we have identified the relationships between the people cited, making a subset of four relationships on average. The data enables us to assess the density of respondents’ networks, which was shown to be higher than for other age groups (0.6 on average in our data). We plan to repeat the same survey with the same respondents in 2017.