Rural Worlds

 Research Group 7, "Rural Worlds" (coordinators  Bernard Charlery and Danielle Galliano) explores how social worlds are organized, recombine and evolve in rural and low-density areas. The purpose is to analyze the structure, diversity and change in social networks in rural areas and to identify the ways in which knowledge and understanding circulates in these low-population density areas. The group’s fundamental seminar ("Diversity and Coexistence of Agricultural Worlds"), had resulted in several collective and multidisciplinary studies. The first project, "Natural Resources," works on defining the issues common to  various qualification processes and kinds of resource management (grazing resources, genetic, water etc.).
The second project focuses on rural-urban relations in south-western France, with the preliminary results showing the interdependence of relationships and contrasts between these two kinds of spaces, urban and rural. A final project, Mondis, (a joint project with Group 2, Mobility) analyzes territorial dynamics in the rural areas of Tanzania, Egypt and Morocco, which are organized around the flow of  illegally imported Chinese goods.