Mobilities, networks and migrations

Coordination Group


2021/2022: Hasnia-Sonia Missaoui (
2022/2023 : Lucine Endelstein (


The operation is presented as a platform for empirical and methodological exchanges at the intersection of research on international mobility, migration and social relations. It aims both to restore the labile contours of contemporary migrations in a context of globalization, and to question the changes in contemporary societies in light of the phenomenon of migration and transnational mobilities.

The research of the operation will be presented in the framework of the MoRéMi seminar, which is associated with operation 2. The seminar crosses objects, fields, research methods and disciplines to shed light on the many experiences of mobile or circulating populations, as well as post-migration contexts and the transformations of societies under the effect of accelerating mobility and exchanges. Attentive to the complexity of the trajectories and relational processes set up from the migratory project to the installation in the country of arrival or passage, it also gives importance to social and spatial anchoring by exploring the plurality of identity fabrications, practices, representations, strategies and constraints of mobile or immobile populations.


Migration, mobility, diaspora, transmigration, transnationalism, identifications, spaces, circulations, borders