Scientific Worlds


Host group


Thi s operation aims to explore the worlds of science, in a broad sense, on a global scale. The historical study of the emergence and articulation of scientific communities, and the analysis of the abundant and diverse traces of their activities, are all gateways to a better understanding of complex phenomena that intersect with social, political and economic issues.

The research supported by this operation investigates the modalities of knowledge production, the establishment and mobilization of networks, the question of national or regional research spaces and their transformations in relation to scientific policies, and this over time. For the contemporary period, the digitization of scientific exchanges and their consequences (economic, social, scientific), the social inequalities associated with the practice of research (gender, precariousness, etc.), or the issues related to the development of participatory or citizen research are at the heart of the operation's problems. Finally, it is a question of taking an interest in singular spaces, fields or actors of research in order to understand more finely the workings of scientific activity.