SMS Master’s program network

The Laboratory of Excellence Structuring of Social Worlds (LabEx SMS) has set up, since the start of the 2014 academic year, a system allowing students from the various humanities and social sciences masters integrated into its network to complete their training by obtaining a label "Pluridisciplinary Approaches to Social Worlds" organized by the Labex SMS and labeled by the Toulouse Federal University.


In order to respond to the problems and questions that arise in different economic and social sectors, the practice of multidisciplinarity in humanities and social sciences is a considerable advantage.

The central objective of the SMS Masters'programm Network is to allow the convergence of knowledge and expertises from different humanities and social sciences disciplines in order to address social worlds, their functioning and the relationships that are woven within and around them.

In order to develop these cross-disciplinary skills, which can be reinvested both in a research approach and in an immediate action objective, 40 masters' degrees, supported by the 12 laboratories involved in the SMS LabEx, have decided to offer their students the opportunity to validate this "SMS" course, which is built on the pooling of 89 inter-university courses. In addition to these pooled courses, there are 3 specific SMS courses (integrated into the UT2 master's options) and 12 seminars or workshops offered by the SMS LabEx.