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Séminaire SRM/UTM - Social Networks of Ideational Networks - and beyond

Publié le 18 janvier 2024 Mis à jour le 18 janvier 2024
le 26 avril 2024
University of Toulouse - Jean Jaurès, Olympes de Gouges, GS 122
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Networks of networks approach (Koskinen et al., 2023) overcomes one of the key limitations of statistical network modelling: the inability to account for the nestedness of one network level in the other (such as when managers' advice ties are nested in organizations connected by alliances). Particularly, networks and culture scholars can benefit from this development allowing to model the interplay between symbolic structures and the social structures of individuals affiliated with them.

For instance, to study relations between the structures representing ideas as relations between terms and structures of collaboration / mentorship connecting the thinkers expressing these ideas. The talk will present an illustrative analysis focused on the philosophers associated with Edmund Husserl and working in the first half of the 20th century. It will showcase how social networks of symbolic networks are constructed, overview configurations representing key structuring mechanisms in these networks, and present results of multilevel exponential random graph modelling. Analysis shows that even though philosophers tend to distinguish from each other in their ideas, social ties stimulate them to overcome the distinction and indeed share ideas.

The proposed framework can be used in a number of broader applications, extending throughout the studies of culture and society and beyond, into the scholarship of social structure effects on cognitive, linguistic, and knowledge structures of individuals, groups, organisations, institutional fields, and societies. The talk will discuss the diversity of these possible applications and propose a number of extensions and future developments of the approach.

Speaker :

  • Nikita Basov, Senior Lecturer in Network Analysis, Fellow of Paris Institute for Advanced Studies, 2023-2024